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One modest fixed fee . . . No surprise charges or fees. Hosted by King Bankruptcy Media and powered by FastCase, this resource is designed for the consumer bankruptcy attorney's office budget. All opinions fully interlinked to cases citing same opinion.

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Month-to-month access to the full national and state law libraries, including federal circuit and district courts and bankruptcy courts. No timers, linking fees or hidden costs - just flat rate access to the national law library. Statutes and regulations included at no cost. Renews automatically each month, but you may cancel anytime. No-risk guarantee.

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Complete national & state case-law libraries, including bankruptcy & tax court opinions

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YOUR ONE-FEE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES MORE THAN JUST BANKRUPTCY CASES puts the whole national caselaw library, including bankruptcy court and tax court opinions, and state and federal published opinions and statutes, regulations and Administrative Codes, on your desktop with online access to more than 5.5 million documents. Most collections date back to 1950 and are updated within 24-48 hours of the courts' decisions.

_____Caselaw - Federal Libraries____________

U.S. Supreme Court 1754 -Current

1st Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

2nd Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

3rd Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

4th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

5th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

6th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

7th Circuit 1950 - Current

8th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

9th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

10th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

11th Circuit 1 F.2d - Current

DC Circuit 1981 - Current

Federal Circuit 1982 - Current

Federal District Courts(Beta) 1912 - 2001

Federal Bankruptcy Courts 1979 - present

Board of Immigration Appeals(Beta) 1996 - 2002

Tax Court 1924 - Current

Special Ct.,Reg. Rail Reorg. Act 1974 - 2001

U.S. Court of Int'l Trade 1980 - 2001

Ct. of Customs and Patent Appeals 1929 - 2001

_____Caselaw - State Libraries________________

Alabama 1950 - Current Montana 1950 - Current

Alaska 1959 - Current Nebraska 1950 - Current

Arizona 1950 - Current Nevada 1950 - Current

Arkansas 1875 - Current New Hampshire 1950 - Current

California 1950 - Current New Jersey 1950 - Current

Colorado 1950 - Current New Mexico 1950 - Current

Connecticut 1950 - Current New York 1950 - Current

Delaware 1950 - Current North Carolina 1950 - Current

District of Columbia 1945 - 1988, 1999 - Current North Dakota 1950 - Current

Florida 1950 - Current Ohio 1950 - Current

Georgia 1950 - Current Oklahoma 1950 - Current

Hawaii 1959 - Current Oregon 1950 - Current

Idaho 1950 - Current Pennsylvania 1950 - Current

Illinois 1950 - Current Rhode Island 1950 - Current

Indiana 1950 - Current South Carolina 1950 - Current

Iowa 1950 - Current South Dakota 1950 - Current

Kansas 1950 - Current Tennessee 1875 - Current

Kentucky 1950 - Current Texas 1875 - Current

Louisiana 1950 - Current Utah 1950 - Current

Maine 1950 - Current Vermont 1950 - Current

Maryland 1950 - Current Virginia 1950 - Current

Massachusetts 1950 - Current Washington 1950 - Current

Michigan 1950 - Current West Virginia 1950 - Current

Minnesota 1950 - Current Wisconsin 1950 - Current

Mississippi 1950 - Current Wyoming 1950 - Current

Missouri 1950 - Current

As a convenience to its subscribers, Fastcase also frames select statutes, regulations, and administrative materials directly from all 50 states.

____Statutes, Regulations and Administrative Codes___________

Jurisdictions Statutes and Codes Regulations and Administrative Codes

Federal U.S. Code U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Alabama Code of Alabama Alabama Administrative Code

Alaska Alaska Statutes Alaska Administrative Code

Arizona Arizona Revised Statutes Arizona Administrative Code

Arkansas Arkansas Code Arkansas Register

California California Code California Code of Regulations

Colorado Colorado Revised Statutes Code of Colorado Regulations

Connecticut Connecticut General Statutes Connecticut Banking Regulations

Delaware Delaware Code Delaware Register of Regulations

District Of Columbia District of Columbia Code D.C. Office of Documents & Administrative Issues

Florida Florida Statutes Florida Administrative Code

Georgia Code of Georgia Georgia Regulations

Idaho Idaho Statutes Idaho Administrative Rules

Illinois Illinois Compiled Statutes Not Available

Indiana Indiana Code Indiana Administrative Code

Iowa Code of Iowa Iowa Administrative Code

Kansas Kansas Statutes Not Available

Kentucky Kentucky Revised Statutes Kentucky Administrative Regulations

Louisiana Louisiana Code & Revised Statutes Louisiana Administrative Code

Maine Maine Revised Statutes Code of Maine Rules

Maryland Maryland Statutes Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

Massachusetts Massachusetts General Laws Code of Massachusetts Regulations

Michigan Michigan Compiled Laws Michigan Administrative Code

Minnesota Minnesota Statutes Minnesota Rules

Mississippi Mississippi Code Mississippi Administrative Regulations

Missouri Missouri Revised Statutes Missouri Code of State Regulations

Montana Montana Code Annotated Administrative Rules of Montana

Nebraska Nebraska Statutes Nebraska Administrative Code

Nevada Nevada Revised Statutes Nevada Administrative Code

New Hampshire New Hampshire Revised Statutes New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules

New Jersey New Jersey Permanent Statutes Not Available

New Mexico New Mexico Statutes New Mexico Administrative Code

New York New York Consolidated Laws New York City Administrative Decisions

North Carolina North Carolina General Statutes North Carolina Administrative Code

North Dakota North Dakota Century Code Not Available

Ohio Ohio Revised Code Ohio Administrative Code

Oklahoma Oklahoma State Statutes Oklahoma Administrative Code

Oregon Oregon Revised Statutes Oregon Administrative Rules

Pennsylvania Not Available Pennsylvania Code

Rhode Island Rhode Island General Laws Not Available

South Carolina South Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina Code of Regulations

South Dakota South Dakota Codified Laws South Dakota Administrative Rules

Tennessee Tennessee Code Tennessee Rules and Regulations

Texas Texas Statutes Texas Administrative Code

Utah Utah Code Utah Administrative Rules

Vermont Vermont Statutes Not Available

Virginia Code of Virginia Virginia Administrative Code

Washington Revised Code of Washington Washington Administrative Code

West Virginia West Virginia State Code West Virginia Code of State Rules

Wisconsin Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations Wisconsin Administrative Code

Wyoming Wyoming Statutes Wyoming Rules and Regulations

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