Can't Pay Back Taxes?

Unpaid tax claims can quickly skyrocket to huge amounts due to interest and penalties. Many taxpayers are unable to pay such tax claims, and all too often the tax collector runs out of patience and starts active collection.

Active collection often results in garnishments of paychecks, levies on bank accounts, seizure of vehicles and other assets, and sometimes in lock-up of a business.

Such collection activities can be devastating on the taxpayer.


Congress has recognized the plight of the "honest but unfortunate taxpayer" and provided several possible answers to the problem of unpayable taxes. Yes, there are opportunities for you to come out of hiding, get back into compliance with the tax laws, avoid going to jail, and solve your tax problems.

In many cases this means proving that the taxes are not owed through appeal of proposed assessment.

In other cases it calls for negotiated settlement, usually called an "offer in compromise" where the taxpayer may in some cases settle for "cents on the dollar."

In still other cases most or even the entire claim is erased in a bankruptcy.

These defenses may apply to businesses as well as individuals. In a great many situations the taxpayer is not required to surrender any of his or her property. Levies, garnishments and seizures come to a halt - tax liens reduced or lifted entirely.

However, not just any tax lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer can handle this complex area. When it comes to urgent tax relief and defense of taxpayer's rights, you need an expert!

Morgan D. King is a nationally recognized expert in defending taxpayers against unfair tax collection activities. His books, articles and seminars are a source of information for tax and bankruptcy professionals all over the nation. His book, Discharging Taxes In Bankruptcy, now in its 5th edition, is considered the bible on this topic, and is used by lawyers, trustees, enrolled agents and many IRS employees.

The law offices of Morgan D. King maintains a nationwide network of expert lawyers and enrolled agents ready to help you today! Mr. King is the author of several books on discharging taxes in bankruptcy and lectures on tax relief to lawyers, enrolled agents, accountants and judges across the nation. Mr. King often has IRS officials and even judges in his audience. The King law firm has erased millions of dollars in old taxes for people who simply couldn't pay them. By expert, aggressive action he has provided a debt-free fresh start for hundreds of taxpayers. Perhaps he can do the same for you.

If it is not convenient to employ Mr. King's services, his office can direct you to equally qualified, experienced and aggressive tax experts in many of the major cities in the U.S.

All you need to do is call. Someone is here to help you. Yes, there is a charge for a phone consultation. However, keep this in mind . . . calling today may cost a few cents, but delay may cost you everything! Why not call now? We truly want to help you! By employing a tax help attorney you probably will never have to talk to, or see, a revenue officer again!

We recommend that you NOT retain an ordinary tax or bankruptcy lawyer for this task. Only lawyers trained to handle a wide variety of legal remedies are qualified to help you.


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